How is your relationship with God? Do you thirst for God daily?Is Your Relationship With God a Genuine Delight?

As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.  (Psalm 42:1-2a)

Does your soul thirst for God?

When you read God’s Word, is it a treasure of priceless wisdom to you, far surpassing anything Wall Street has to offer?

When you pray, do you find your soul to be pleasantly, sincerely, fervently knit together with the God of glory?

Is your relationship with God a genuine delight?

… or does it seem more like a religious discipline?

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship is the pinnacle work of Steward of Truth Publications. Its purpose is to help cultivate within your soul an unquenchable thirst for the God of the Bible.

Readers Say

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship – A personal study in spiritual growth by Martin Puryear

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship – A personal study in spiritual growth by Martin Puryear

The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship should be core curriculum in every church and should be taught to every new Christian and every youth in our churches’ youth groups.

I would rate this as a “must have” for anyone curious about the Bible or for those who have read it for years.

We have already incorporated this as part of our family devotions and have taught this process to our children.

I am involved in a prison ministry and will be introducing this to some inmates whom I mentor. – Donna, Austin, TX

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As you spend time in God’s Word, its impact on your life can be immense, both now and throughout eternity.

What you learn has the potential to:

  • Transform your own life. A sense of security will replace insecurity, understanding will replace confusion, and joy will replace defeat.
  • Improve relationships with each member of your family. How you communicate with them, the time you give them, and the way you treat them will be enhanced as you cultivate your relationship with God.
  • Strengthen your local church. Your own growth in spiritual maturity will reinforce the effectiveness of your church’s witness.
  • Influence your community. You will have an eternal impact upon the lives of those around you who are separated from the Savior.
  • Exalt the reputation of your Redeemer. Above all else, your life and words will declare to all the matchless worth of your God.


Readers Say

I’ve used The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship for my own devotional journey for five years now, and I truly can say that it has transformed my relationship with God from a discipline to a delight with my Lord.  - Curt, Associate Pastor of Single Adult Ministries, North Carolina

As a leadership coach, I have recommended The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship to many of my pastor–clients as a resource to deepen their own relationships with God as well as that of their congregations. – Joyce, Greensboro, NC

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The most important pursuit of your life

To nurture your relationship with God is the most important pursuit of your life. No other investment on earth comes close to yielding such priceless dividends. We invite you to explore this book and read how it has transformed the lives of those who have applied its principles.

Readers Say

I loved going through this course with my husband. Sharing the experience with him drew us closer to God and to one another. – Joyce, Greensboro, NC

This book is a tool that will touch many lives and draw many people into a deeper walk with our Father, for sure. Wonderful!

I would strongly recommend The Pleasure of My Father’s Fellowship for Christians at all stages of their spiritual walk.